Hi 10806278_10101602954712998_1972425477139220234_n(shy wave). I’m Meg. This is where, if we were sitting in a circle of cheap plastic chairs staring at each other awkwardly, like we are in my head, that you would say “Hi Meg” back.

I love books! I am essentially a Book Addict. I have been for as long as I can remember. Living between the pages of a story is exhilarating and all consuming to me. Taking a step outside of my stress filled, average life by walking into someone else’s adventure through a book is my favorite kind of therapy!

That brings us to why I’m starting this blog. I want to share my joy and love of reading by promoting books and authors. I have gained so much from reading and from the works of others that I would like to give back in some way, even if only in a microscopic capacity.cropped-logo_size.jpg

I will be posting honest reviews and opinions of the recent books I’ve read on to this site and to Goodreads and Amazon. I plan to connect to other bloggers and authors and try to give these books as much exposure as I can. Please bear with me as I fumble my way through this. It is my first experience blogging on my own. Any advice or constructive feedback is always appreciated! Thanks for the support and WELCOME to Down the Rabbit Hole; Book Addicts Anonymous with Meggy! 🙂

Note: Check out my cousin, Mersadies’ book blog, Between the Bindings .