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The Dragon Curse by Ariel Marie: Book Review

40597371The Dragon Curse by Ariel Marie

Published June 19,2018

“The Dragon Curse, a paranormal erotic romance box set, filled with darkness, passion and a carnal need to mate. Hold onto your seat as you dive into the four blazing hot stories of dragons searching for their destined mates, in order to escape the talons of the eternal curse. 

Beware of the sizzling passion that will leave you craving for more. These alpha dragons shifters will stop at nothing to find their mates. The chemistry between the triads are explosive and just might set your reading device ablaze! 

WARNING: This book contains material for mature readers (18+ and older) only. These books contain steamy MFF, bisexual ménage paranormal romance. ”

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If you want short stories jam-packed with sexy threesomes, then these books are definitely for you! The plot moves very quickly in each of the four books and each one is very similar to the others. It begins with a dragon shifter (female or male) aching to find their two mates. Yep, you read that right. Each of the dragon shifters mate with two other of their kind and make a triad. It is mentioned many times how rare a two female, one male triad is but all four books feature this scenario. Apparently, the dragons have searched for their mates for centuries but in these books they all three quickly find each other and jump straight into the sack, or against the wall, tree… pretty much whatever is around as soon as they sense each other. The sex scenes are VERY steamy and well written, minus the over use of the word “mate”.

I’m giving two stars to these books because they were all the same exact plot, just switch which gender Shifter finds the other mate first. Also, some concepts in the stories just really didn’t make sense to me like why after centuries of searching they all find their mates within days to a week of each other in the same town. I found it all repetitive in many ways BUT I did think they were fun, sexy reads if you are just looking for a quick, easy turn-on. Do NOT read these if you are easily scandalized by sex scenes in general or female/female sex. There’s lots of it. 😉




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