Happy New Year 2018!

AngieMakesPrintable-620x775I’ve been on a short hiatus for the past two weeks and let me tell you it was wonderful and refreshing! I am pretty new to blogging, only have been doing this since September of this past year. It has been a mostly wonderful experience so far. The book blogging community has been accepting and friendly, and many have helped me along the way!

I have enjoyed the opportunity to be on Netgalley and receive ARCs and copies of books from authors and publishers to read and review! However, it has been a little overwhelming as of lately! I was being bombarded through twitter, Facebook, Netgalley and my blog email with new books to review. And as much as I love to read, it just became too much, too quickly. It felt like another job but worse, because I wasn’t getting paid for it. I was rapidly losing my joy for reading from the looming deadlines and sheer volume of requests!

I have determined that this was most likely a rookie mistake! From here on out I will be very selective in my reviewing process. I will still look over all requests sent to me and respond to each! However, I will make every one aware of where their book falls in my lineup of reads and when it might be likely that I will get to it, instead of allowing them to set a timeline for me. I respect the hard work and effort put into the reaching out to bloggers/readers to get reviews and market novels. I will absolutely continue to support as many authors and books as possible!

Just keep in mind that I have a full time job and am a mother to two small children and a few animals! In other words, my life is busy but I will make time reading. I hope to start new adventures this year as well…


So, lets get to New Year’s Resolutions! I know everyone is thinking about these right now and making plans for the new year. I am hoping to spend more time on myself this year then I have in the past six years, since my children were born.


  1. Get healthy! — I’m going to try to be a week day vegetarian. I want to do this mostly for health reasons and to force me to get out of my boring routine of foods I typically eat and spice it up with more diverse vegetables and meals!
  2. Get healthy- part two! — Exercise more! This has fell to the wayside in a huge way and I need to get back on track. I’ve moved the treadmill and weights into their own room with a television to do workout videos. I’m hoping this will help me to stay motivated and get past the excuses I’m likely to make to get out of it. i.e. “I do not want to pay for a gym membership” or “I don’t have time to go to the gym!”
  3. Read 55 Books!— At least. This is my goal for my Goodreads challenge this year. I was tempted to do 75 or 100 this coming year because of this book blog and my opportunities BUT I decided I didn’t want to set an unreasonable goal since I want to really work on number 4…
  4. Write a novel! — I’ve had a concept in my mind for a couple years now and always wanted to be able to put it down on paper so I am going to do my best to do that this year. I have bought books to aid me in my writing and created an amazing Pinterest board for all my writing dreams. They have everything you can think of on Pinterest and if you are an aspiring writer I would recommend utilizing it. I’ve created boards (secret) for each of my characters so I can visualize them! It’s so much fun!
  5. Be a better Christian! — I want to find a church I love and feel accepted in. I have struggled with this the past few years since I have moved back to my hometown. It’s so small and there are more churches than anything else in my tiny county. You would think it would be easy to find a good one with them being on every street but I feel like that has made it harder for me. I want some place I feel the spirit of the Lord working and a church for my children to grow up and thrive in!


Well there you go…. Those are my goals for this coming year. I’m really hoping to stick to them and work on myself more this year! Even though its entirely against my nature, I think its time to be a little selfish and nourish myself in body, mind, and spirit. Arrow-Page-Break-e1427861836306


I hope all you have a wonderful New Year’s Day and have the most amazing 2018! May all your resolutions and dreams come true lovelies!



4 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2018!”

  1. I completely identify with you! Though the volume is not as much for me, I still feel overwhelmed sometimes, to the point where my personal reading takes a backseat. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one going through this. Thank you for this post! And here’s wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year! 🙂

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