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Freebie Friday 12/8/2017

Hi readers!
I started this Freebie Friday meme. This is my second post for it! 🙂  It will be designed to make my readers aware of eBooks on Amazon that are FREE at the moment. I’m doing this mostly because bibliophilia can be expensive and I want book lovers to get their fix without busting their budget. I will pick a few different genres every week and post here for all to enjoy!
Let’s get free books for you to snuggle up with on this snowy Friday!


51jVRM3pIYLBreaking Belle (Princess After Dark Book 2) by Isabella Starling.

This new release is a dark twist on the well known Beauty on the Beast fairytale. It’s a standalone dark romance that promises to warm you up this winter. Oh and apparently also melt your panties off! FREE PANTY MELTING MATERIAL???! Yep I’m in.

“My past is broken. Shattered. Everyone I ever loved, gone.
I will never let myself love anyone again.

Not until her… Belle Dalton, the daughter of a man who owes me more than he could ever pay.
She shocks me by volunteering to take the fall for her family. Come home with me, and submit to my every whim and desire.

Belle is scared, and she should be. I’m not a nice man, and I’m not going to be kind.
She is too hard to resist. A sweet little virgin I can’t wait to sink my teeth into.

Belle can run, but she can’t hide from the monster inside me.
But maybe, just maybe, she can learn to love a beast…”

Check out the first novel in the series as well for 99 cents. Collaring Cinderella

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51kOrA7WzHLSherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection by Arthur Conan Doyle.

The stories cover a period from around 1878 up to 1903, with a final case in 1914. in this collection you will find: Novels: • A Study in Scarlet • The Sign of the Four • The Hound of the Baskervilles • The Valley of Fear Short Story Collections: • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes • The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes • The Return of Sherlock Holmes • His Last Bow • The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

If you always wanted to read the Sherlock Holmes series or enjoy a good detective mystery, well “Great Scot!” This is the perfect opportunity.




514kP03MVhL.jpgThe Girl Who Dared to Dream by Brielle Walker

This new release is listed as a YA fantasy, which is one of my all time favorites!

“Sophia Darnell promised herself she’d never need anyone. But when she meets Xander Evans, everything she ever thought she wanted is turned upside down.
And when darkness lurks around every corner, she finds strength she never knew she had.

Brick Wesley is a charismatic, handsome, and likeable man. No one would have dreamed he would throw anyone to the wolves.
But now Sophia’s little sister, Chloe, has been dubbed the Gemini Seed.
And Caden Larson is chosen as a faithful follower.
And Rachel Wolfhauser is never the friend Sophia wants her to be.
When stakes are raised and fears abound, Sophia must find a way to overcome.”

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51QcXHLefoL._SY346_.jpgA Christmas Carol (Classic Edition with Original Illustrations) by Charles Dickens

Here’s another classic for you and this one perfect for the holiday season.

Don’t miss your chance to own this one for free… You might get an unwanted visit from the Ghosts of Missed Books!

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Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your free books!



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