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Above This Grave (The Cloven Pack Series Book 3): Book Review


By D. Fischer

Publication date: September 25, 2017



“After hours of torture, Flint Rockland’s wolf refuses to let him take control and shift back to human form. Believing he’s protecting his human half, he doesn’t understand when Flint starts slipping away. Then their eyes land on Irene Scott. Is she their only salvation? Can she ease the wolf and heal the man?

Irene Scott, a midwife wolf shifter from the Riva Pack, is spending time on Cloven Pack territory, helping their Alpha female throughout her pregnancy. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Irene struggles with the cards she’s been dealt. When Irene meets the Cloven Pack wolf who refuses to shift, her world turns upside down. How can she possibly save everyone she loves? Will she be able to save the Cloven Pack from her own mistakes?

Above This Grave, the third and last book in The Cloven Pack Series, is a tale of love in the face of all-consuming betrayal, unexpected tragedy, and heartbreaking discoveries.

Warning: This book contains sexual content and adult language. Must be 18 years old to purchase.”








Let me just start with a question… Why are you trying to break my heart D. Fischer?! Above This Grave had more emotion, conflict and heartbreak than the other two books combined. The brittle mental and emotional state of Flint after his torture is ongoing in the beginning of the novel. It looks as if he will never escape his wolf and go completely insane…. but can the powerful force of his true mate break his bonds? Irene is wrapped up in her own impossible situation and trying to stay aloof from the new pack so she might have the chance to save her family. Will she have to allow the mating bond to fall to the wayside and sacrifice everything including love and an innocent life for it? Fischer really did a great job ramping up the stakes as the conflict with Jazz and her army of Rogues comes to a head!

I really enjoyed getting to know more of the characters from Fischer’s world in this book. It was great to see the vulnerable side of Flint and how he could be completely consumed with just ONE woman… I know, shocking of the former womanizer! Irene, his mate, was a really great character as well and I admired her strong nature and her willingness to put her life above others. The couple seemed a good match! Kat, the witch, was a very intriguing addition. I really liked the branch out of the shifter family. AND she has a secret. I cannot wait to find out what it is…

My heart aches a little even now from the deaths that occurred in this one book… LIKE WHY?!!! (*Silent tears* *Mentally pulling myself together*) But with great loss came great love and reward as well. Like a new addition to the Pack, in more ways then one. Great, fun, sexy, intriguing, fast-paced read! I’m ready for the next one please. 🙂

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